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“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King Jnr.

Dear Supporter,

We hope you had a great month! Although many places in the world are still in some form of lockdown, we’re grateful for the ongoing positive changes we’ve been able to make for Kiya.

We delivered 16 Life Boxes this month to families who are in difficult situations due to COVID-19 as they are still struggling to find employment in the current climate.

As so many areas around the world see a successful vaccination programme unfold, for countries less fortunate and regions where there is little hope of a vaccine for many months to come still, it is important that we keep giving these families hope and support to keep going through these tough times.

Read up on the rest of our news and progress below!


The Querevalu family live in the rural area of ​​Mancora with their 8-year-old daughter, Guadalupe.

Guadalupe’s father is a motorcycle taxi driver and her mother is a stay-at-home mother who takes care of the kids and household. The mother suffers from diabetes and has to be careful, especially during these times. The pandemic meant that their income was affected and they had trouble getting food on the table.

Thanks to all of your support, we are able to offer them monthly Lifeboxes, which contain food and items they need. They are so grateful for the monthly support they receive from the Kiya family!

If you can, please consider sponsoring us just £3 a month to help make sure we can continue delivering these lifeboxes to the families!


We need to find alternative means of help, NOW, not only to ensure we can continue to deliver lifeboxes to families who have no means of income for as long as is needed, but also to ensure our Mama Cocha kids get the support they need to survive and thrive going forward.

So, we have created THE 50 CLUB! If we can secure 50 sponsors of £50 a month, we have secured our running costs for the ongoing future of our programmes and support in Peru.


It means you are part of a unique group of businesses and individuals keeping Kiya alive!

We will keep you all informed every quarter of the projects successes; a break down of the funds the 50 club has donated; a personalised message from Peru from our team on the ground so you can SEE what is happening for yourself and, an invite to a 50 club members only annual event to receive personal updates, celebrate the excellent work we have been able to accomplish thanks to your help AND meet and mingle with other like minded folks.

So far, we have filled 18, 50 CLUB slots! LET’S KEEP IT UP!! If we can secure 32 more slots in 8 months we have secured Kiya’s future!

And, it couldn’t be easier! Just click on the link below and set up your monthly / quarterly or annual payment via our secure Paypal page.



The Lagos brothers were able to go out and buy some basic necessities thanks to Kiya supporters and Juan was able to buy some new school supplies which he loved!

Juan and Marcos both want to start working part-time and are looking for work so that they can have some income of their own. We wish them the best in finding work as we know it will help them feel even better about themselves and start that all important leap to living independently.

Next week the brothers will visit Matilde, who is also doing well in her new living situations.


The therapy sessions are still going strong thanks to your donations! Our awesome Psychologist, Henry, is doing such incredibly important work and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.

We will be launching our YO TAMBIEN project over the next couple of months, with Henry leading, and doing a big push to teach sex education and women’s rights within the family homes and at local schools to help prevent abuse and teenage pregnancy.


The Kiya crew will be completing a 9 day challenge, walking the last 116km of the old pilgrim trail from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain for £955.

The trip includes a donation to Kiya that will help fund the Life boxes as well as the therapy programmes at the Mama Cocha centre. It also includes airport transfers, meals and accommodation!

If you’re interested in joining, please get in touch!

That’s it from us this month! Thanks for all of your support and we’re excited to see how much we’ve already accomplished this year!

Thanks for all your support,

Suzy and the Kiya Team x

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