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We are thrilled to announce that we are now supported by AmazonSmile.

AmazonSmile is a scheme operated by Amazon, offering the same products, features and prices as the regular Amazon site, the only difference being that every time you purchase an AmazonSmile eligible product, 0.5% of the sale price will be donated directly to Kiya Survivors, at no extra cost to you!

In other words, your everyday purchases would help support the Kiya campaigns helping vulnerable children and their families.

If you already have an Amazon account, you can begin shopping instantly.

To get started head over to and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log in using your regular Amazon login details & click “Get started”
  2. Search for Kiya Survivors in the “Pick your own charity” search bar
  3. Select Kiya Survivors
  4. You’ll receive an email from Amazon and you’re good to go!
  5. Fill your basket as your normally would, knowing each eligible purchase (defined with an AmazonSmile sticker) contributes to making a difference in the lives of the Kiya children and their families

It is important to note that although every donation counts, 0.5% is not a large donation (e.g. £2 spent on AmazonSmile, 1p goes to Kiya Survivors) and is not intended to replace your regular charitable activities. Instead, view AmazonSmile as an automatic, simple way to take advantage of a service you’re using anyway!

Amazon App image

Do you have the Amazon App?

If you do, it’s a super simple process to set up with AmazonSmile.

Here’s what you do:

Go into your app and in the top left-hand corner, find the dropdown menu and select “See All Programmes”. Scroll down and click onto “Amazon Smile” and it’s an easy set up from there! From then on, when you shop, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the order price to Kiya Survivors!


A young life can be positively impacted by even the smallest of gestures. Do something wonderful today and change a life for the better.