Seeing a child and their family turn the corner and become a family after months of therapy and support to help them learn to love their children, to see them actually accepting and loving them. It’s a special thing.
Suzy Butler, Founder of Kiya Survivors


In 2015 we successfully re integrated all of our live in service users at Mama Cocha to their family homes and the centre expanded their programmes providing a more holistic support to the community.

The team at Mama Cocha currently consists of local professionals including therapist’s and teachers from the community, running an eclectic range of programmes covering early stimulation, parent workshops, life skills workshops, therapy and counseling.

Deilly Hedu Gaurto Zapata

Project Manager of the Mama Cocha Complex

Hedu is the Manager at Mama Cocha.

She is in charge of the daily running of all the programmes and financial management/administration of the centre along with the welfare of the children and staff.

She coordinates and enforces the social programmes run at the centre, presents and undertakes projects and also seeks support from donors to the centre.

Hedu has been part of the Kiya family and been managing Mama Cocha since 2001 and her hard work and dedication show through the success of the projects she leads.

Claudia Flores


Claudia image

Claudia is from the local community and has been working with Kiya Survivors since 2019 as Physiotherapist and Speech therapist for the Mama Cocha centre.

She also does outreach visits and assists Hedu with workshops and health programmes.

She is a dedicated team member with lots of experience working with adults and children.

Henry Curay Reyes


HenryHenry is the Psychologist at Mama Cocha. He has been with us since February 2021, he is 27 years old and from the nearby village, Sullana – Piura.

Henry also works at the Máncora health center throughout the week and is well known in the community.

The emotional support to all the families of the projects has been fundamental, especially throughout COVID-19.

Henry works one to one with patients and also prepares workshops with groups of young people in the community, mostly teenagers, sexuality is a very important issue for these groups and sex education one of his main focuses.

Eliana Erma Gutierrez Tavara


Eliana helping young girlEliana is a committed and dedicated therapist from the local community with experience in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation with adults and children; eager to learn new things and take on challenges that come along the way in her role as Physiotherapist with the Mama Cocha team!


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