The children don’t just need professional helpers, they need smiles and love, fun and laughter. Everyone has different skills. All of them can be used onsite and WILL make a difference. So come with an open mind and heart and you will take more away with you than you think!
Suzy Butler, Founder of Kiya Survivors


New Opportunity to Join our Family Groups and volunteer with Kiya Survivors.

Kiya Survivors is offering a unique experience for families to experience volunteering and travelling in The Sacred Valley in Peru together.

This is a relatively new programme that has been set up following the huge success of our December 2017 trip with family groups from Brighton, the youngest member of the group being 10 years old.

We will be running 2 trips for groups of families over the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays for parents and children. The maximum group size will be 10 people.

This hands–on experience can be life changing. As well as contributing to improving the centres in Peru and the homes of the children, new friendships are formed across different cultures and continents, new skills are developed and new experiences gained, which will never be forgotten!

Sponsorship and travel insurance

All volunteers are responsible for their own sponsorship – we do not offer financial support ourselves to volunteers. We require all volunteers to provide proof of travel insurance before departure. Insurance is not included in any of our programmes. Kiya Survivors cannot refund ANY funds lost on associated travel arrangements for your programme. All costs paid to Kiya Survivors for your programme, are non-refundable.


Volunteers can also choose whether to work with us as part of a group, or a family. Learn more below.


A young life can be positively impacted by even the smallest of gestures. Do something wonderful today and change a life for the better.