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“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Dear Supporter,

We hope this finds you well? I can’t believe we are already in March ’23! How fast time flies! It already feels like a lifetime ago myself and my family were in Peru working onsite with our teams and meeting all our families / re connecting with the kids! It was an incredible journey and one that has led to the successful re launch of our family volunteer programme! We have 4 families signed up to travel with us in April 2024 to assist more children in need of therapy equipment and do a fun community project. If you’d like to join or set up a bespoke trip with us, get in touch!We decided to postpone the family trip from December 23 to April 24 due to the political unrest currently in Peru that we are seeing destroy many small businesses and effect NGO’s in the areas we work in as once again tourism is on hold in a country so badly effected by the pandemic so recently, it’s heat breaking to see it once again suffer due to circumstances out of their control. However! We remain as determined as ever to provide, ensure our families thrive in the face of diversity and as our quote of the month says, although we can’t change the past, we can make choices today that change the ending….and this is what we are focussing on!One thing we are urgently in need of however, is a fresh supply of funding….we continue to struggle to find new streams of funding since the pandemic and urgently need to make up our latest loss of £500 a month. IF WE CAN GET 10 SPONSORS JOINING THE 50 CLUB we have secured the charity again. Could you, your business, or a group of friends sign up to supporting Kiya and join the 50 club?Thank you for your support, belief in our work and ongoing commitment to our team and the families we support, we wouldn’t be here without you.Peace and love,Suzy and team x


A lot has happened so far this year at Mama Cocha and we are really excited to share exciting news re new therapies we are now providing to the 30 patients we support in Mancora and now, in Los Organos!

Mama Cocha has started offering sensory therapy on the beach and Hydrotherapy sessions on a weekly basis. Patients and carers love these fun activities together and the benefits are huge. Many of our kids rarely leave their houses due to fear from their parents, so these weekly activities are very much looked forward to!We are also brining up an Occupational Therapist from Lima, the capital of Peru, to do an intense workshop with the local authorities alongside our therapists to ensure the most families as possible benefit from her knowledge. She will also be working one on one with our families helping them establish appropriate sensory areas in their homes and devise a plan with the therapists on an individual basis. Everyones very excited for her visit.Our Life Box appeal has been re named ‘Medicina y Sonrisas’ / ‘Medicine and Smiles’, as we shift the focus of it to families needing support to fund their children’s medical needs. We have elected 3 families most in need for the time being to sponsor until we can get more funding.


£3 A MONTH ……CAN YOU HELP KIYA BECOME MORE SUSTAINABLE?We are trying to increase our monthly sponsors to ensure our programmes and children’s futures are sustainable and to avoid us relying on big grants, we are once again, pushing our sponsorship programme.Just 75p a week makes a big difference!£3 a month = materials for 1 child to join the Back To School Programme each month£10 a month = Transport and therapy costs for one patient to receive weekly therapy£20 a month = A weekly therapy session with our Psychologist £50 a month = A medical assessment with a specialist for 1 child It takes 3 minutes to sponsor a child.Do you feel you can support Kiya?


Matilde has re joined the family house as she has finished college in Urubamba.Kiya has pledged to continue our support of her food and basic needs alongside her further education, sponsoring her university placement that she starts this year studying Psychology in Cuzco.Mati also just turned 18! We have known her since a baby and watching her grow in to a loving kind young adult has been a massive privilege! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATI!

That’s it from us this month!Thanks for all of your support.

– Suzy and the Kiya Team x

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