“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Project Update

As summer comes to a close in the UK & Europe, Peru heads into spring and the summer and although hot, the team and families are relieved there’s no more rain and mud to navigate!

Mancora is the base for the Mama Cocha project in the region of Piura along the coast in North Peru. It has been particularly difficult over autumn and winter with an infestation of mosquitos leading to high numbers of dengue. The rains were no easy thing to over come and it’s been a somewhat challenging period for the onsite teams as they struggled to visit some of our families on the Outreach therapy programme due to the bad drains in the village leading to muddy roads and floods – a challenge on our little Kiya motor bikes!

However! Our dedicated therapists braved the weather over these past months making sure our children and families continued to receive much needed therapy in their homes; were delivered essential living items and medicine and felt supported.

I have said this so many times to people when they ask me to explain what it’s like over in the shanty areas of the northern villages where we work and that is, no matter how much I paint a picture, show photos and encourage empathy for the situations people are living in up there, it is the smell. The smell that is overwhelming, unescapable and shocking to say the least. The heat bearing down on the tin roove’s, the smell of over flowing sewage, dirt and rotten things. It’s not easy to walk in to and pretend it’s not a nice environment. But for many, it’s a daily truth, a reality they are stuck in. It’s also something that unless you’ve experienced its very hard to explain.

Mama Cocha celebrated her 20th year on the 4th September and as we proudly shared a moment with our staff and families, we were also faced with the terrifying prospect of not knowing what the future holds again.

The truth is, these people need Kiya. We are a source of hope for people in dire situations in a country infected with corruption and poverty. The regular home visits help single parents and struggling young Mums feels connected. To remember, they are not alone.

And yet. This year we are facing the worst ever financial difficulties since COVID-19. We have lost 1/3 of our sponsors since the pandemic hit and try as we might, we are just not getting the funds back in, leaving a huge gap in our resources.

We desperately need our supporters help to ensure we can continue supporting these communities for another 20 years to come. Alone, we can accomplish little. Together, we can make change a reality.

Love and peace from myself and the team. Thank you for your belief and ongoing support of our work.

Suzy Butler

Founder & CEO

At the end of October 2023, Kiya‘s top team and 6 other determined Kiya supporters, will be taking on the Tres Picos challenge here in Spain, aiming to climb the highest 3 peaks of the Sierra Nevada in 3 days!! We will be hiking up to 23 km a day!This is no small challenge! We are doing it to raise money for Kiya. The aim is to raise £3,000 so we can continue to fund one of our part time Physiotherapists.

We have lost funding and without YOUR help. We cannot keep our therapists funded. Please help us reach our target!DONATE HERE

Congratulations to our amazing team for their dedication and keeping Mama Cocha going…20 years!!!

“I feel so grateful for Mama Cocha’s support for my daughter… it gives me hope. The patience of the therapists makes me feel safe and confident … to the entire Mama Cocha team, to all those who make it possible for this help to reach my home, I sincerely thank you.”                                                                                     Celeste, Mother of Catalina, patient at Mama Cocha.

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