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Our last day at Mama Cocha today.

Owen, Harry and Henry were surprised to find that the bathroom was not going to be white as expected but blue!!! Nevertheless they got on with the task in hand. Sharon, Max and Sarah went down to finish the wall sign they started yesterday only to find it was now going to be orange and not the bright white they had already done!!!

They were absolutely amazed at the skills of Davey who despite his disabilities volunteers his time a few days of the week at the centre. The sign now glows bright orange with clear directions to the centre.

The bathroom painting was completed and now looks fabulous, well done. The picture finally arrived and put into the frames to be given out at the leaving ceremony. A large group of new children and parents arrived and it was really nice to be thanked by everyone for our work and we all loved our certificates.

Looking forward to relaxing now for a few days and enjoyable this wonderful country. Well done Team Shoreham!!

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